LJE Provisions

As a young man, raised on a working farm in Germany, the farm fresh taste was instilled within my Grandfather, Henry Thumann. When he came to America eager at 17 to live the American dream, he brought with him his European traditions and treasured recipes of quality and taste. Mr. Thumann began his career as a butcher apprentice and 4 years later became a master butcher. It is during this time that he cultivated the family recipes using his new found knowledge of spices, meat curing, and recipe creations from scratch . Mr. Thumann realized early on that fillers, MSG, gluten, artificial flavors and coloring, and large amounts of salt were not at all necessary when using superior quality cuts of meat and when the complementary spices were blended just right.

Several years later, in 1949, Mr. Thumann decided to devote himself to bringing "The Deli Best" to the public and opened the first Thumann's plant, located in Wallington, New Jersey. The company was young and started with only 5 employees and 2 trucks. From its current location in Carlstadt, New Jersey, Thumann's has been distributing all over the country, from coast to coast, available only at the finest supermarkets and gourmet delis.

Even today, we still use Grandpa Thumann's family recipes. While he is no longer personally doing the preparation, our butchers are still using his methods. Thumann's has become one of the largest, most modern, and environmentally conscious meat processing facilities in the east.

Three generations later, Thumann's is still the family owned and operated company that Henry Thumann founded in 1949. At Thumann's, healthy, nutritious products aren't just our family's business; they are our way of life, too, just as Grandpa Thumann wants it.